Oriental Medicine has always combined acupuncture, herbal, exercise, and nutrition to support overall health and well-being. At Montana Sports Acupuncture, we focus on improving pain free movement/performance with over 40 years of experience in performance training and sports medicine.


  • Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Supporting the smooth flow of Qi (life force) and balancing the body’s meridian system through needling specific points.
  • Sports Acupuncture.  Popularized in recent years, this style of acupuncture effectively supports rapid rehabilitation from injury, injury prevention, and body maintenance utilizing palpation and needling techniques associated with trigger point therapy and GuaSha.
  • Trigger Point Therapy.  We utilize the philosophy and techniques popularized by Dr. Janet Travell to address muscular pain and swelling, and referral pain and numbness.  Click here for more information regarding this therapy method and the range of acute and chronic injuries these techniques may address.
  • Auricular Medicine (Advanced ear acupuncture).  Auricular is utilized in support of allergy treatment, chronic pain remediation, stress relief, and detoxification.
  • GuaSha is very popular with athletes of all calibers.  The soft tissue modality is one of the oldest myofascial release technique.  GuaSha uses a small hand-held instrument (we use jade) to assist in soft tissue mobilization, effectively breaking down scar tissue, lesions, and facial restrictions to help maintain optimum muscle range of motion.  It also assists in the body’s moving of metabolic waste in the surface tissues, thus promoting normal circulation and metabolic processes.
  • Vascular Medicine System (VAS) as taught by Dr. Nader Soliman utilizes pain free evaluation techniques and nutritional supplements. The evaluation techniques are often used by elite athletes to identify optimum nutritional strategies.The strength of the VAS method is its ability to: identify common pathogens and diseases, supporting the body’s immune system with powerful nutritional supplements, and thus allowing the client to return to health naturally.
  • Detoxification Therapy. Common strategies include acupuncture, auricular, clays and minerals, homeopathics, and herbal supplements as appropriate.

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Montana Sports Acupuncture uses and supplies several product brands in the office in support of client’s improving wellness and performance goals.