Christmas week 2007, I went for a run and felt an “all-stop pain” in my right knee. Three years (& 3 MRIs) later, I had seen 8 MD specialists (Sports Med docs, orthopedic surgeons, Physical therapy docs, etc. at Portsmouth Naval Hospital, Norfolk Physical Therapy, Walter Reed, Bethesda, Andrews AF Base, Pentagon Medical/Phys Therapy, etc.).  A couple times I improved enough for short, slow jogs, but never fully recovered. At least two doctors and a Phys Therapist told me I would never run again, and then I was told I could no longer bike!  I started attending Pilates classes in the Pentagon, and the wonderful instructor gave me Larry’s card and suggested seeing him. Three months later I was running – and I’m running now!

Over the last 7 years Larry has successfully treated me where all others failed – for everything from old/new sports injuries to cancer, and repairing muscle damaged during cancer surgery. His treatment of sports injuries for both of my sons (competitive HS/college varsity athletes in football, lacrosse, hockey & baseball), led to recovery times less than half what their trainers and coaches expected.

We recommended Larry to several teammates, and all who went to see him were also amazed at their progress, and brought other family members to see him.

Larry is my first choice provider for ANY soft tissue injury – over any doctor or therapist. He is the best! You will walk out significantly better than you walk in the very first time you see him!

Captain Robin T.

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Larry was my acupuncturist for over 5 years. Having served 31 years in the Marine Corps as an infantry Marine, I suffered significant back issues. I have 5 herniated disks. I play baseball and I’m a catcher. So how do I do that with 5 herniated disks? Larry was a master of finding the muscle issues that strained my back. He taught me about nutrition with Whey, hydration, and exercises to maintain flexibility without pulling muscles. I play competitive baseball as a catcher and I’m 68 years old. Without Larry’s treatments and guidance, I could not do what I do — and I love doing it. Some teammates are around 48-50 years old and can’t do what I do because they continue to injure themselves. For me, Larry Godwin was a skilled practitioner and I have a great life thanks to his expertise in sports acupuncture. I give Larry Godwin my highest recommendation!

Colonel Mark P.

Kathleen taken at the 2015 Massanutten Mountain 100 Mile Race. Kathleen was first female finisher.

Kathleen taken at the 2014 Bull Run 50 Miler Race. Kathleen was first female finisher.

While Larry’s acupuncture skills helped fix short-term muscle problems, his vast knowledge of the human body and nutrition have helped educate me long-term, allowing me to strengthen and push my body and mind to levels I previously would not have been able to.

Kathleen C.

Larry is a gifted and intuitive healer of the mind, body and spirit. In the nine years we worked together, he helped me to manage stress and anxiety, process grief, stay grounded during challenging times and healed my body countless times from athletic injury, regular overuse, and age related aches and pains. Larry’s approach is customized to the individual – he listens, asks great questions, and intuitively knows where to go with his needles.

Larry has a calm and grounded presence that emanates through his office; one step into his space relaxes the mind and allows the body to know that help is on the way. Being on his table is a gift!

Beyond being a very talented acupuncturist, Larry’s knowledge of supplementation and herbals has made a dramatically positive difference in my health. I have a regimen and routine that best supports my body without the use of harmful pharmaceuticals – from aches and pains to allergies or the occasional blues, Larry has given me the tools to take charge of my own well-being. I am incredibly grateful for his care and support; it has been instrumental in reaching and maintaining a high level of health!

Susan S.

I was a client of Larry’s in Alexandria, VA for 9 years. There’s no one like him – a triathlete who knows all the muscle groups, is well-versed in trigger point therapy, and his needling technique is the best. First he got me healthy again with acupuncture, nutrition, supplements and exercise. Then he kept me ‘tuned up’ with weekly appointments.
Victoria A.

Thank you for everything! You have kept me going and ready for my job, races, and ice hockey!

Heather L.

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